Automation In Real Life

Automation In Real Life

What does home automation in real life look like?  Well let’s look at a Friday in the winter to give you an idea.

I wake up and go through my day at work with very little happening.  My Nest Learning Thermostat has don its job noting when I adjust the temperature and building schedules around it.

I generally go out and get dinner on Friday Nights which is when some magic happens.  I leave the house and get in my car.  A few seconds later, my August Smart Lock automatically locks my door.  I turn the corner and receive a notification that my home has been set to “Away”.  Away mode turns off all the lights in my house and sets my Nest Learning Thermostat to Away mode which lowers the temperature so I’m not using so much heat while I’m away.  All of this is currently controlled by my Wink Hub

The next thing that happens is my living room lights go on at sunset.

As I get closer to my house, my Wink Hub senses that I’m getting close and sets my house to “Arrival”.  This changes my Nest Learning Thermostat back to “Home”, and it turns on my kitchen lights and one of the lights in my bedroom.  I pull into my garage, and walk to my door.  Once I get within range of Bluetooth, the door will unlock.

Once I let the dogs out, I usually tell my Amazon Echo to turn off the kitchen and bedroom lights.

At 9:30 my dog Abby likes to go to bed.  So at 9:30 my bedroom light comes on.  I put Abby and Lewis to bed and typically stay in there until I fall asleep.  I leave the bedroom light on until 11 when my Wink Hub turns off all the lights in my house.

And that’s it!  Pretty simple.  The only difference during the week when I don’t go out is I have my Kitchen Light go on at 5 and off at 6.  That gives me time to prep dinner, eat and clean up.

I have a few things that I plan on adding to my system.  I’d like to add some garage door automation.  I’ve looked at a few different options, and I’m not crazy about them.  When added it will close my garage door when my Wink Hub sets the house to Away mode and then open it when it sets it back to arrival.

I’d also like to add some smart switches to my house.  The lights in my hallway and kitchen are always in the on position flipping them off prevents the Wink Hub from controlling them.  By installing smart switches, it will keep the light on but just set the brightness to 0% so the Wink Hub can still control them.  I also have a few lights outside that I would like to control a timer.  The issue with these switches is they’re expensive, and I’d have to replace quite a few.  I’m hoping for prices to come down on the switches before making this upgrade.

That’s it for this week!

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