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It used to be that I could never remember if I locked the door to my apartment.  The August Smart Lock helped solve that problem by locking my door automatically, and giving me the ability to check it remotely.  Now that I enter my house through my garage, my worry is, did I close the garage door?  Enter the GoControl Garage Door Controller.

I have to say that researching Garage door controllers was very difficult.  There just aren’t many out there, very few pair with the Wink Hub and the few that do are very… not sexy?  The interfaces and the apps are weak at best

I went with the GoControl because it seemed to have the best reviews.  The other options out there had some pretty terrible reviews.

One of the great things about the home automation products I’ve purchased is ease of installation.  The GoControl Garage Door Opener was no exception.  Attach 2 wires to your existing garage door opener, stick the door sensor on your door then open and close your door.  And that’s it.

Surprisingly, there’s no app for this so if you don’t have a hub like the Wink Hub, you’ll have to invest in one.  Adding it to the Wink Hub is simple push the add button and select it from the list, do a little dance and test it.  NOTE: There is a safety built into the Wink Hub that waits 30 seconds after opening or closing the door.  They don’t say it anywhere in the app and if you don’t wait the 30 seconds, it just says FAILED not “hey stupid you need to wait 30 seconds before you try that”, so I thought there was an issue but there wasn’t.

The second downside to the new addition is that while the Wink Hub will close the garage door when you leave your house, it won’t open it when you return for security reasons.  I guess that makes sense but it would be much cooler if it would open for you oh well!

So far the GoControl Garage door opener has worked flawlessly.  Really happy with the purchase.  More automation to come!

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