Halloween Automation!

Halloween Automation!

So this weekend was Halloween, and I thought HALLOWEEN AUTOMATION! Ok it’s kind of lame and I didn’t decorate, but I used some of the stuff I have in my current system to spruce up the front.

I took one of my Philips Hue bulbs that I have in my dining room and I moved it to my front porch.  Next, I installed OnSwitch, a third party app that controls the Philips Hue bulbs.  One of the neat things it does is it has dynamic lighting scenes like flickering candles, clouds, and crazy colors.  I noticed that hey had a Halloween section.  I used the free one, and there were two additional scenes that you could purchase.  The free scene came with the creepy laugh already synced to the lights changing.

Finally I moved my Amazon Echo to the front door and cranked the volume, set my iPad to stream audio via Bluetooth to the Echo and boom! Done!

So the setup is kind of expensive and buying into it just for Halloween is a bit silly, but, since I had all of it, I thought I’d take advantage of it.

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