The Internet of Things… What is it?

The Internet of Things… What is it?

The term Internet of Things is being thrown around a lot lately.  But, what does it actually mean?  Well it means just what it sounds like.  Things… connected to the internet.  More specifically objects in your home that are connected to the internet that you can control from anywhere you have the internet.  The August Smart Lock, the Nest Learning Thermostat, Phillips Hue Lights (post coming soon about those) are all part of the Internet of Things.

The power of the internet and these connected devices is really exciting.  Automatically unlocking your lock and turning on lights and setting the temperature of you house as you approach the house is really handy.  Is it necessary?  Well of course it’s not necessary.  People have been doing those things manually for years.  But, as someone who has used it consistently for about 6 months now I have to say, when I didn’t have it as I was moving I really missed it.  When I removed my August Smart Lock, from my apartment there were several times when I approached the door and tried to just walk in and ended up smacking my head on the door.  The schedule I have created with my lights so that I don’t have to worry about turning lights on and off while not necessary, is really great.

The Internet of Things is here and it will be here for a while, but will it stay?  I think it’s in the hands of the manufacturers.  The investment consumers need to make to get involved is quite large.  When you talk about an automatic lock for $250, a thermostat for $250, light bulbs that range from $15-$60 a piece and light switches and outlets at $50 a piece, outfitting a full house is not cheap!  If Home Automation and the Internet of Things is going to hang around, the price needs to come down, and, come down a lot.  With some of the big companies like Apple, Samsung and Google getting involved I think it has a shot.  Only time will tell if the Internet of Things will stick around or just be a passing fad.

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